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A next gen JS frontend framework that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity. Built for modern browsers, it enables a forward-thinking, elegant approach to development.

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Aurelia XP

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Looking for a framework that supports legacy browsers? Check out DurandalJS. It's built on jQuery, Knockout and RequireJS and offers broad browser support for SPA app development.

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About Us

Blue Spire is a company with a ten year history dedicated to advancing rich web app development by creating powerful libraries, frameworks and tools. We have a long term vision. Aurelia is the first step in realizing that vision. We believe it's critical to start with a completely free, open source application framework. We want to enable anyone to build amazing apps for many years to come and to know that they are building on a platform that isn't just here today and gone tomorrow. We're investing heavily in both building and supporting Aurelia and we're truly excited about what's in store!